ILC is one of the leading English centers in Yemen and to maintain and further its standing it continually strives to increase the quality of its teaching and facilities.

We recognize that some groups of students will require support when preparing to apply to any international scholarship using English language that our outreach work reflects. We are also aware of the important role that teachers, advisors and parents play in encouraging and supporting students, and we provide guidance for them in the form of information through our website


  1. Provide the labor market with high qualified outcomes in English Language area.
  2. Develop learners’ language skills that meet with the demands of scientific research.
  3. Train students to compete in the labor market.
  4. Contribute in providing trained cadre to the community and the labor market.
  5. Expand partnership with other educational institutions locally and globally.

Distinctiveness in teaching English locally and regionally.

Provide training courses in English using global cutting edge curricula taught by long experienced and competent teachers who use the up-to-date educational methodologies & matched with international quality standards.

Our Programs


Professional Teacher Program This program is intended to target students of Arts, Languages, and Education colleges or people with good English background. It comprises two parts, theoretical and practical

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Teens Summer Program

This is a summer program tailored to entertain and educate our kids and teens in English

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TOEFL Preparation

It is a program of two courses with 100 hours, 2 hours a day that prepares students to have the TOEFL test.

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ESP Diploma

English for Specific Purposes Diploma This program is made up of a number of ESP courses as follows: ....

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Professional Translation Diploma

This diploma is professionally designed to equip the trainees with the basic skills necessary to analyze texts and then professional skills are provided to the trainees that help them deal with highly complicated texts. Upon finishing the program, the trainees will be ready to enter the translation market that faces a shortage of really competent translators

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احتفال طالبات مركز اللغات الدولي/ فرع الطالبات مع معلماتهن بقدوم شهر رمضان المبارك اعاده الله علينا وعليكم بالخير واليمن والبركات ..
مظاهر إستعداد طـــــلاب و معلمــــــي مركز اللغات الدولي لإستقبال شهـــــر الخيـــــر , حيث زُينت أروقة المركــــز و ملئته رائحة البخور و أصوات ضحكات الموجودين مبتهجين بقدوم الشهر الكريم...
كرم مدير المراكز الاستشارية والتنموية بجامعة العلوم والتكنولوجيا فرع الطالبات د. سحر القرشي طاقم تدريس مركز اللغات الدولي/ فرع الطالبات ويأتي حفل التكريم بالتزامن مع نهاية العام الدراسي...