University of Science and Technology-Yemen (1994-2022)

جامعة العلوم والتكنولوجيا -

The University in Brief:

The University of Science and Technology Yemen (USTY) was earlier established in 1994 as the National College of Science and Technology. It is a non-profit private university which has seen enormous growth and development over the years. For the last several years until now, it was voted as the best private university in Yemen.

Through careful academic planning it has become a major provider of higher education in Yemen, standing head-to-head even with major public universities.

It has a modern teaching hospital which also provides medical care to the public. It’s Business School is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, (AACSB). In cooperation with foreign universities, it runs degree programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. Its own academic programs have seen expansion, and it now has eight faculties: Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences – Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Pharmacy – Faculty of Dentistry – Faculty of Administrative Sciences – Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences -Faculty of Open Education -and Faculty of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research.

The establishment of the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research underlines the emphasis and focus on developing human potential in Yemen. USTY believes that for Yemen to change, it must have trained human resources at higher levels. For now it has 3 programs at doctoral level and  15 programs at Masters level. With active research by the academic staff and work done by graduate students for their masters or doctoral thesis, USTY would eventually attain the rank of a Research University.

USTY also has five branches throughout Yemen, a special branch for girls in Sana’a as USTY offers separate education for both girls and boys, and sixteen learning, research and consultation centres. It also has several coordinating learning offices worldwide which supports it Distance Learning programs.

It revamped its academic programs to be current, introduced a Foundation year, as well as a set of university courses to give a balanced perspective to the students. USTY emphasizes the use of both Arabic and English as it sees the two languages becoming very important in the near future.

Today, the university has achieved a presence and is an active member of major educational associations such as Association of Arab Universities, Arab Higher Education Institutions, Federation of Universities of the Islamic World, Association of World Universities, Arab Network for Open and Distance Education, Member of International Council for Open and Distance Learning(ICDE), Member of International Computer Driving License(ICDL). Member of Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business(AACSB International).Its linkages with foreign universities in China, Malaysia, Turkey, Holland, Germany, Italy has resulted in exchange of students, exchange of staff, conducting joint research, and the holding of international conferences in Yemen.

Of importance too is the work done by the USTY for the community which has had major impact on poverty eradication, community/public health, improving childbirth and maternal care, and thus leading to improved community development. In the works is the setting up of a centre for Civil Society Organizations which will then spearhead the University role in development.


To be one of the leading universities in selected disciplines, regionally and internationally


The mission of the university is to provide distinct educational, research and advisory services at the domestic, regional and international levels, while adhering to community responsibility through highly qualified manpower, sophisticated curricula, a conducive learning and technological stimulating environment for innovation and effective partnerships that contribute to the development of efficient outcomes that satisfy the needs of the labor market in accordance with the quality regulations and standards and academic accreditation.


  • Enhance student knowledge and skills in various academic disciplines.
  • Contribute to support efforts of practical and scientific research in different areas.
  • Link the learning outcomes with the requirements of the labor market to ensure the graduates are employable.
  • Provide the necessary infrastructure for the support of the learning process and students’ services and activities.
  • Ensure opportunities for education in separate locations for male and female students.
  • Expand the partnerships and develop the relationships with other reputable universities and institutions of scientific research domestically, regionally, and internationally.
  • Enhance the role of the university in the community service by providing excellent tarining and consultative programs in various aspects of development.


  • Quality and Distinction
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Partnership
  • Community Responsibility.
  • Accountability and Equity
  • Continuing Education


  • Use the most sophisticated scientific modern techniques in the field of education.
  • Numbers of students are tailored to teachers based on the quality standards.
  • Provide students with the latest developments in their disciplines to produce knowledgeable and innovative students and link theoretical knowledge with the work environment.
  • Separate undergraduate education for girls with a living cultural environment and fantastic student life.
  • Distinct study advantages through providing a conducive learning environment for students. For such learning environment, the university has gained the trust of students, society and the other educational institutions.
  • Provide students with ICDL and courses in English language.
  • Sophisticated infrastructure for the educational and practical processes in all the faculties.
  • Continuing update and development for the learning curricula in compliance with the academic standards of the international accreditation institutions.
  • Joint collaboration agreements and partnerships with reputable international universities.
  • Continuous contacts with alumni.

Strategic Plan of the University

In strategizing the change for the University, USTY used the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) approach. Beginning with identifying the four strategic goals as per the four dimensions of the BSC, many sub-goals have been branched off from the four strategic goals. Each sub-goal is achieved through implementation of projects to achieve the goal directly. Indicators were developed to measure the achievement of the sub-goals. The follow-up and assessment mechanism is regularly and continuously implemented according to the BSC instruments prepared previously for this purpose. Through a system of monthly and quarterly reporting from all departments and branches of the University, we developed criteria for measuring the implementation and success of the projects on time. Any shortfalls are rectified through corrective action plans.

Quality and Accreditation

The concept of quality was addressed early by USTY in 1999 when the unit of quality was established. It was the first unit in the country concerning academic quality. Now it is called Quality Assurance and Accreditation Management. (QAAM)). The aim of QAAM in USTY is to enhance the educational service quality and develop the service delivery procedures including all components of the educational system in USTY such as teaching, curricula, staff, students, infrastructure, equipment, regulations, operations, and administration. Currently, QAAM is comprised of 4 units in the head office and 9 units in 8 colleges and the Girls’ Branch. In 2004, the Steering Council of Quality has been established in USTY to figure out the strategies and polices of the USTY quality.

In the field of accreditation, USTY recently launched the project of international accreditation and three pilot programs are ready to register for the international accreditation by 2014. These programs are Pharmacy, Computer Science and Business Administration. When these three pilot programs are accredited, the rest of programs in USTY should follow the same process to be accredited in couple of years. Quality is important to USTY, as it is our duty and responsibility to give the best to our students. We may be lacking in some areas, and we stand corrected, but we will improve, for without quality, we are nothing.


National and International Conferences

Organizing and hosting national and international events and conferences at UST campus is the focal point and international orientation towards proven and continuous development in the field of education. The university has organized and hosted a broad range of events and conferences in its main campus to allow partners, participants and delegates to network, learn and share experiences in different areas. UST will continue to run ground-breaking conferences and events to bring together the best ideas from across the world in various disciplines.  Below are some of the most important national and international conferences organized and hosted by UST with partners:

Conferences Organized By UST With Partners




1st International Arabic Conference on Information Technology.

Dec 15 – 17, 2009

Faculty of Computing and Information Technology

1st International Conference on Medical Education and Academic Accreditation.

Nov 27 – 30, 2010

Faculty of  Medical And Healthy Science.

1st Yemeni Turkish Surgery Congress.

May 30 – 31, 2010

the Supreme Council for Medical Education of UST

1st Yemeni Turkish Cardiovascular Surgery congress.

Nov 21 – 22, 2012

Supreme Council for Medical Education of UST

International Conference Of Arabic Language: Bridging Civilizations; (Reality and Ambitions).

March 19 – 20, 2013

Faculty of Human at The University of Science & Technology

1st International Scientific Conference For The Open Learning Faculty.

Nov 5 – 6, 2013

Open Learning Faculty at The University of Science & Technology

Yemeni-Italian (HTN, D.M) Seminar.

April 28, 2013

Supreme Council for Medical Education of UST

1st Yemeni Turkish Emergency Congress.

Dec 18 – 19, 2013

Supreme Council for Medical Education of UST

1st Yemeni Turkish Dental Congress.

Dec 4 – 6, 2012

Faculty of Dental at The University of Science & Technology+ Turkey

Conference of Technology Adoption in Education

March 1-3, 2004


Fima Conference

July 12, 2005


The 6th Scientific Conference

Jan 5-7, 2001


40th Conference of the Association of Arab Universities

April 12-22, 2007


1st National Infectious Diseases Conference

16th– 18thDecember, 2014

UST Hospital  and Ministry of Health-Yemen

1st National Conference for Islamic Finance and Banking

3rd– 4thJanuary, 2015

UST and relevant partners

Students Affairs Dept.

The Student Services Department (SSD) is responsible for facilitating student life in USTY and making student’s stay in USTY a memorable one. It provides students with the following services:

  • Fully-furnished accommodations.
  • Practical, scientific and leisure internal trips and camps.
  • Two separate big gyms for girls and boys.
  • Libraries with modern sources of knowledge in all areas
  • Free internet access and state-of-art laboratories.
  • Graduation ceremonies along with valuable awards.
  • Separate education for males and females.
  • Transportation service for female students from the university to the residence.
  • Shuttle buses for students from downhill to uphill.
  • Student guidance and training activities.
  • Sport tournament such as football – basketball – chess, etc.
  • Coordinating practical field visits for students in the relevant institutions.
  • Special hospital for USTY medical graduate internship.
  • Intensive English courses including ( TOEFL) for USTY students in the InternationalCenter, special center of UST.
  • Liaising with the Immigrations Department to obtain Visas for non-Yemeni students.

Student Activities

Other than studying, students of USTY engage in extra-curricular activities such as:

  • long trips(3 days) and short trips(1 day).for girls and boys but separately For long trips, it is suspended due to the situation..
  • scientific visits and picnics.
  • Open days, visits for non-Yemeni students.
  • collecting students’ initiatives and make a competition for the best initiative.
  • annual sport match between private and public universities and faculties.
  • sport tournament between faculties and academic departments.
  • other sport activities such as basketball, tennis.
  • debate programs at the regional and international level, it happened in Qatar, last year and in other countries.
  • the major competition for creativity and  innovation
  • open days for students’ parents and  awarding the outstanding students.

Student Facilities

The USTY has facilities for students to engage in recreation and sports.

  • alumni club
  • Job placement
  • Reaching out
  • Communications


Over years, USTY has produced many graduates who are now contributing in public and private sectors not only in Yemen but also in other parts of the world, holding very responsible positions. They are directors of companies, presidents of universities, academicians, entrepreneurs, in many diverse professions. The networking provided by the alumni also create job opportunities for new graduates as the alumni reach out to USTY to provide the raw graduates to be recruited and fill positions in their establishments.

Notable Alumni

Tawakel Karmanearned an undergraduate degree in Commerce.[3]She was awarded the 2011Nobel Peace Prize. She is the first Yemeni citizen and first Arab woman to win aNobel Prize. She is a co-recipient of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize,[9] becoming the first Yemeni, the first Arab woman,[10] and the second Muslim woman to win a Nobel Prize and the second youngest Nobel Peace Laureate to date.[11].

Student Achievements

The Engineering students participated in the competition organized by the Engineering World Health, and won  6th position for their design of low cost leakage current tester

Comminuty Services

Since its inception, USTY has always given attention to providing community service in the field of medical services and services related to the various faculties and centers. Its participation in uplifting the welfare of the community, eradicating poverty, providing maternal care, facilitating childbirth, or creating scholarships for deserving students are among the few examples of the University’s community involvement. Below are some of the most important services offered by USTY to the community:

  • Research, development and consultation services
  • Medical services and free medical camps.
  • Services of dental clinics
  • Scholarships for memorizers of the Holy Quran and outstanding high school students.
  • Educational and training courses
  • Gardening and cleaning contributions to the environment surrounding the university’s premises.
  • Many other activities and services

International Affiliations


No University exists in isolation. It establishes cooperation and collaboration with other universities both local and foreign, as to share and to grow. Similarly, USTY co-exists with fellow universities, nationally and abroad. These collaborations have resulted in exchange programs for students and staff, joint research, joint graduate and undergraduate programs, and jointly organizing conferences. USTY has strong linkages with Chinese, Malaysian, and Turkish Universities with which it runs several academic initiatives.

Through active participation in organizations and networking the university has widened its horizon and scope for its students and staff. USTY are members of the following:

  • Association of Arab Universities
  • Arab Higher Education Institutions
  • Federation of Universities of the Islamic World
  • Association of World Universities
  • Arab Network for Open and Distance Education
  • Member of International Council for Open and Distance Learning(ICDE)
  • Member of International Computer Driving License (ICDL).
  • Member of Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International).
  • Member and founder in many other national and regional educational and medical associations and networks.


Applications and Admissions


All are eligible to apply to University of Science & Technology, Yemen (USTY) if they possess the following qualifications:

  • Completion of Secondary school education as evidenced by the Thanawiah Certificate
  • matriculations Certificate from institutions recognized by USTY
  • Diplomas from institutions recognized by USTY

In addition all applicants need to submit to USTY, the following items:

  • USTY registration form with complete supporting documents.
  • Certified secondary school degree and (original certificate + one true copy + transcript) or equivalent.
  • Ten passport-size photos ( white background).
  • Copy of ID or passport.

In case the documents of the applicant are issued from outside Yemen, they should be certified by the following:

  • Home ministry of education
  • Home ministry of foreign affairs.
  • Embassy of Yemen in home country of the applicant.
  • Ministry of foreign affairs in Sana’a.
  • Copy of the first eight pages of the passport (for non-Yemeni students) and valid passport and residence for one year at least in Yemen.
  • In case the documents of the applicant are issued by non-Arab country, the applicant should  translate the documents after being certified and certify them by the ministry of Education in Yemen.

The minimum results for Secondary School Examination required for application to specific faculties are as follows:

  • Medicine & Health Sciences         75%
  • Pharmacy                                 75%
  • Dentistry                                  75%
  • Engineering                              75%
  • IT and Computing Science           75%
  • Administrative Science               60%
  • Humanities & Social Science                          55%


Contact details :




Exten. Number



President office –main campus of the University- Sana’a, 60St. Yemen

+967 1 373237

Fax: +967 1 373234

6105 or 4106


Office of the General Registrar

+967 1 373237

Fax: 467877