To develop the services of the university in the field of computer sciences and training to achieve high distinction at the local and regional level.


CCSTS strives to provide excellent services in the computer sciences to satisfy the staff, faculty members, faculties and customers. It also strives to support the decision making through developing the quality of outputs and material and software infrastructure, providing training and consulting services that meet the needs of labor market at the local, regional and international level.


  • Automate all procedures and processes and achieve one information source through developing one integrated system and the most advanced information technology system.
  • Endeavor  to adopt and fix  all the systems and applications by overcoming the frequent problems and provide dramatic solutions until ERP is developed.
  • Complete the university infrastructure in the information technology and modern technological developments.
  • Develop the local network and solve its problems  for further extensions to be developed from time to time.
  • Protect the local network from hackers or scammers and from viruses for its efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Provide technical support for the network and systems and computers at the university.
  • Develop, update and maintain the website of the university.
  • Produce highly qualified staff in the field of information technology through training and qualifications activities and programs.
  • Provide conducive environment for field training and students’ graduation projects and scholars and technicians.
  • Provide excellent services to the community through training and consultations in all computer and IT disciplines.
  • To be a house for experience, technology, research for all academicians and technicians.


CCTS provides programs that are internationally certified. These programs are as it follows:

  • International Computer Driving License(ICDL).
  • Sisco Academy for network
  • Various training courses and consultations in computer and IT.
  • International certified center for examinations.

Services and activities:

  • Training and consultations in all computer and IT disciplines thrugh competent professionals, experts and technicians.
  • excellent services to the community through training and consultations in all computer and
  • Qualify and train students of the university.
  • Organize training and qualification courses and programs for individuals and organizations.
  • Develop local networks and provide solution.


  • Major network connected with the minor sites in the main campus through ….
  • Internal network in all the buildings f the university.
  • Switches..
  • Routers.
  • Extended network which connect UST branches with the network of main campus.

Data devices:

  • Servers and applications for US programs such as registration and admission program and salaries, libraries, accounting systems.
  • Servers for storage and mailings and LMS and other systems.

University systems and applications:

  • Admission and registration systems.
  • E-learning system.
  • Libraries system.
  • Accounting system.
  • HR system.
  • Open education system.
  • Website system. Some other web applications under construction.
  • CCTS is planning to apply ERP by Malaysian company which will support most of UST systems and connect them with the  branches.

Contact Us:

60th Street, Sana’a, Near Mathbah intersection

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