Faculty of Pharmacy

جامعة العلوم والتكنولوجيا -The Faculty of Pharmacy was a subsidiary department of the medical college. However, the recent re-structuring adopted by the University separated it to become as an independent faculty known as the faculty of pharmacy. The faculty is considered the third top faculty at UST due to the distinct services, infrastructure and conducive learning environment provided by the faculty for students and for the community alike. The instruction language is English and Arabic for some co-curricular materials.


To be pioneer in pharmacy and health care education, patient-centered care, and collaborative research regionally and internationally.


The Faculty of Pharmacy at University of Science and Technology strives to provide a distinct education experience and foster graduates and professionals who will serve the community by advancing patient care and facilitating the discovery, understanding, and cost effective use of medicines. This is achieved through providing suitable environment for education and research, competent staff, and cutting-edge curriculum and laboratories while adhering to profession ethics and total quality standards.


  • Produce proficient pharmacists according to professional academic standards.
  • Develop research and innovation among faculty members and students through conducive environment
  • Employ program outcomes in serving the population and solving its problems.

Degree Programs: 

  • Doctor of Pharmacy (Bachelor)
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy technician (diploma)
  • Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences