Faculty of Engineering


جامعة العلوم والتكنولوجيا -


The Faculty of Engineering was established in 1994. The first intake of computer sciences started in the same academic year. In 1995, the faculty opened the department of computer engineering and architecture, and civil engineering in 2002, and finally engineering of biomedical equipment in 2006. The faculty endeavors to provide the modern engineering sciences which keep the pace with the latest scientific developments, utilizing the curricula offered in most of the Arab and world universities and using the latest methods of teaching and learning by teaching staff with high efficiency and experience in the field of research and teaching process.  The faculty also seeks to keep its students up-to-date to the rapid development of computer technology, using the most sophisticated curricula, methods of teaching, and highly experienced teaching staff. In addition, the department of architecture and its modern equipment at the Faculty makes this cultural heritage form the student’s artwork with inspirations of the modern era and authenticity of the heritage. 


Local Leadership and regional excellence.


The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Science and Technology in Yemen is dedicated to prepare engineers furnished with the foundations of knowledge and skills and qualified to meet the requirements of the labor market through a specialized cadre, a conducive educational environment and advanced programs, and to provide consultations and scientific research that contribute to community service in accordance with comprehensive quality systems and professional and ethical requirements.

1. Providing students with knowledge and skills in scientific and engineering fields.
2. Training qualified engineers to meet the requirements of the labor market.
3. Contributing to supporting scientific research efforts in the scientific and engineering fields.
4. Contributing to community service by providing advisory services and training programs in engineering fields.

Degree Programs

  • Architecture
  • Civil engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Biomedical engineering