Teaching and Learning Center(TLC)

 Abou TLC:

Teaching and  Learning Center was founded in 2007.  It aims at  developing  the skills of the academic staff and their assistants in the field of learning and teaching as well as enhancing the learning skills of students.


To be the pioneers in improving university teaching and learning in the Arab world.

TLC  Mission:

The TLC seeks to develop university teaching by focusing on the competencies of the academic staff and their assistants in the fields of learning and teaching. It also attempts to activate  students’ role in the process of  learning through offering a number of training programs , consultation services and implementing educational research and developmental studies in the field of university learning and teaching.

TLC  goals:

  • Developing teaching competencies of the academic staff and their assistants.
  • Encouraging the academic staff and their assistants to do research in their areas of speciality.
  • Contributing to enhancing  professional  development in the fields of teaching and learning through conducting educational studies.
  • Developing academic leader’s skills to support the teaching and learning processes.
  • Developing university  students’ communication and learning skills.

The Center’s Units:

1.Academic staff and their assistants’ development unit.

2.Information unit.

3.Students’ learning development unit.

1.The Academic Staff and their Assistants’ Development:

Aim  of the Unit:

This unit is meant to develop the abilities of the academic staff and their assistants to enhance the processes of learning and teaching through training courses, group discussions and consultations. It also offers related resources and supervises the implementation of educational research in cooperation with different faculties.

Services of the Unit:

 The unit offers the following services :

The unit provides a professional Development Program for the academic staff and their assistants in higher education institutions.

It is a program offered by the TLC at the University of Science and Technology for training the academic staff and their assistants in the field of University education to equip teachers with basic competencies of university instructors that contributes effectively to enhancing  students’ learning skills.

This program was officially accredited by the ministry of Higher Education on March 4th ,2009.

2.Training courses:

The TLC offers a number of training courses as well as workshops in learning and teaching competencies such as:

  • Educational evaluation
  • E-learning
  • Scientific research and community activities
  • Instructional technology
  • Developing academic leaders’ skills
  1. 3.Consultation:

Consultations deal with issues and challenges that  face the academic staff and their assistants with regard to teaching and learning.

4.Educational Research:

The TLC directs colleges and academic programs to conduct diagnostic  researches in the fields of learning and teaching that contributes to the improvement of the educational process.

The Information Unit:

It offers all pertinent  information, archieving them in such a way that makes them easily accessible. And it also develops an information system that tackles all the center’s activities. It also offers all learning resources available, electronic or otherwise.

Services of the information unit:

1)The center’s site:

TLC seeks to ease communication and present all activities and services offered by the center. The website also offers all areas of training, consulting and information resources that fulfill the needs of the academic staff, their assistants and the students .

2)The TLC Library:

The center includes a library that consists of  a number of books in the fields of teaching and learning in addition to studies and conference papers

Student’s Learning Development Unit

This unit enhances the crucial skills needed by university students such as study and life skills.

Professional Development Program for Teaching Staff and their Assistants in Higher Education Institutions.

Program Description:

It is a program offered by the Teaching and Learning Center at the University of Science and Technology. It aims at equipping participants with the basic competencies for university teachers to enhance students’ learning skills.

Program Goals:

The program aims at:

1.making professional progress in the fields of teaching and learning through equipping participants with the recent instructional technology, teaching and assessment methods;

2.Promoting their personal skills in the area of students’ learning (theoretically & practically) by training them onskills of assessment, critical analysis relating that to authentic situations;

3.Meeting quality standards specified by the Ministry of Higher Education in Yemen.

Characteristics of the Program:

  • Focusing on improving teaching practice through authentic assignments.
  • Employing self and peer learning and group work ( Theoretical part represents only 20 – 30% of  the courses‎’‎ total hours)
  • Flexible system for awarding certificates ( a certificate for each course and the program). The participant can finish the diploma in one and a half years or three years according to his teaching load and study preferences.
  • Creating interaction among university teaching staff to exchanges experience and learn from each other.
  • Employing flexible methods in teaching , learning, and assessment designed for improving teaching practice.

Program Specifications:

Program Title: Professional Development Program of Teaching Staff and their assistants in Higher Education Institutions.

Awarded Certificate : Postgraduate Diploma.

Program Type: Single (one major)

Prepared by: Teaching & Learning Center – University of Science and Technology.

External Validation: Ministry of Higher Education – Yemen.

Credit Hours: 18

Period of Study: 18 months (3 semesters)

Targeted Group:

  • University Teaching Staff (PhD & MA holders) and their assistants.
  • University Teaching Staff and their assistants of other academic institutions.

Program Courses:

1.     Course design & evaluation

2.     Effective Teaching methods in higher education

3.     Learning psychology in higher education

4.     Measurement & evaluation in higher education

5.     Instructional technology

6.     Educational research methodology