Medical Education and Training Center

جامعة العلوم والتكنولوجيا -


Regional Leadership and global excellence in providing medical education and training


The Medical Education and Training Center at the University of Science and Technology is dedicated to enhance the level of medical education in Yemen in accordance with international standards, by providing a suitable environment for training, and providing specialized qualitative education and training for medical personnel that combines scientific competence and applied skill, and training and qualifying medical students at the University of Science and Technology in particular, and in Yemen and in the region in general. The center also seeks to contribute to improving health services to ensure patient safety, and to promote scientific research that serves the health field and solves community health problems.

جامعة العلوم والتكنولوجيا -Objectives

  • Providing medical education and continuing medical education programs for medical staff at all levels.
  • Strengthening mutual relationships with organizations and institutions working in the field of medical education locally and internationally.
  • Strengthening partnership with government agencies and organizations to provide solutions to community health problems.
  • Promoting a healthy culture of the community.


جامعة العلوم والتكنولوجيا -

Activities and Training Courses 

  • Providing specialized health training courses.
  • Providing training programs for medical college students.
  • Holding scientific medical conferences via teleconference
  • Organizing continuous courses in medical education for the teaching staff in medical colleges in Yemen.
  • Organizing periodic scientific conferences in the medical education
  • Implementing community educational/awareness programs
  • Implementing special programs according to the needs of the organizations and authorities.

Health training courses:

Training Programs:

  • Physician assistant diploma
  • Diploma in midwifery and obstetrics
  • General Nursing Diploma
  • Diploma in television radiology
  • Diploma in television treatment
  • Diploma in the Community Nutrition

Short-term training courses

  • First Aid
  • Medical terminology
  • Nursing basics
  • Emergency Basics
  • Sewing and sculpting
  • CIMAM acute malnutrition
  • Pharma (1,2)
  • Dental sculpting
  • Pulmonary resuscitation

Comprehensive medical quality

  • Security, safety and health of patients
  • Infection control in hospitals
  • Statistics Course (SPSS)
  • obstetric emergency
  • ECG
  • Intensive care and critical cases
  • medical records

Community Educational Campaigns

The center implements community education programs that target wide sectors such as infectious diseases, cholera, immunization for women and children, nutrition of the pregnant mother and breastfeeding.

Our Strengths

  • A center specialized in medical education and training.
  • A center emerging from the giant scientific platform, the University of Science and Technology, with its long experience and long history.
  • Extensive partnerships with experts from various disciplines.
  • Various training rooms.
  •  Accessible location from all sides.