Program Overview

Proceeding from the increasing need to provide intermediate cadres of national competencies in the field of the dental technician profession to qualify them to work in hospitals, government and private health centers, and dental clinics, and in recognition of the pioneering role that the college must play in community service, the dental technician diploma program was opened In the year 1994 AD, a number of payment was graduated that contributed to the advancement of the dental service at the local and regional levels.




The program aims to Preparing students scientifically and professionally to be able to:

  1. The use of modern technologies in the field of dental technology.
  2. Providing a distinguished laboratory service for dentists.
  3. Educating and training students to qualify and graduate distinguished dental technicians.
  4. Giving the necessary skill to use practical references, dental information means and methods of communication and effective participation with the dental medical team.

    1. Full-time qualified teaching staff, scientifically and practically qualified.
    2. A certificate accredited locally – regionally.
    3. Modern curricula that meet quality requirements and standards.
    4. An appropriate learning environment.
    5. Equipped and advanced laboratories.
    6. Teaching in specific and small groups to obtain an outstanding level.
    7. Acquisition of the latest dental information through computers and the Internet.
    8. Teaching some requirements that give the student the skills of communication, leadership and critical thinking.
    9. Laboratory training for students in college laboratories.
    10. The possibility of continuing to study to obtain a bachelor’s degree in accordance with the conditions of higher education.
    11. Multiple opportunities to work after graduation locally and regionally.
    12. Academic guidance and study follow-up by faculty members and payment coordinators.
    13. Free use of the Internet in the college library.
    14. The presence of an office for copying books and the lieutenant, and providing a student service within the college.
    15. The dental technology program has been recognized by several Arab countries.
    16. Preparing joint research projects in coordination between the bachelor’s degree and the dental technology unit to benefit from the necessary integration policy for the development of scientific research in those departments and in all dental specialties.
    17. Preparing the executive rules for following up and evaluating the academic performance and training of a faculty member in the Dental Technology Unit.
    18. Providing the opportunity for faculty members and enabling them to attend local and international conferences and scientific symposiums.
    19. Securing modern educational means with training and encouraging faculty members to use them

  • The program aims to provide the graduate with the dental technician’s knowledge necessary to meet the labor market’s needs of national health cadres specialized in dental technicians, enabling him to work in all dental technician jobs, especially the following:
    •   Hospitals (governmental and private).
    •   Medical care centers (governmental and private).
    •   Private dental laboratories.
    •   Work as a technician in university laboratories after graduating and qualifying them for university teaching
    •  He has the ability to manage and open Sunni laboratories that contribute to raising the level of service provided.
    • Work as a representative of laboratories processing companies.
    •  Work in administrative positions in hospitals and health centers.

Course Plan

The study plan of the program includes study paragraphs and a number of (65) credit hours (theoretical and practical) distributed over four semesters, during which the student acquires general, basic and specialized knowledge and practical skills that enable him to carry out his work after graduation to the fullest and implement The program is through full-time and qualified cadres in the college laboratories.

Comparison Test Materials:

(Biology – Chemistry – English).