Bachelor of accounting

  1. The purpose of this course is to develop and sharpen students’ technical and, practical skills relevant to the fields of accounting and finance. This includes communication skills to manage, process, analyse and apply information for decision making, as well as utilizing information technology in implementing management activities such as planning, organization, leadership, control, and decision making.




جامعة العلوم والتكنولوجيا -

Program Features

  1. Obtaining English language courses that qualify the student to obtain the TOEFL score.
  2. Obtaining the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) certificate.
  3. Teaching some requirements that give the student the skills of communication, leadership and critical thinking.
  4. Locally and internationally accredited certificate.
  5. The college’s programs are designed in light of the American Academic Accreditation Authority for Business (AACSB) requirements standards.
  6. Specialized and qualified academic staff.
  7. Providing high-quality education and training that meets the needs of our students and the labor market.

Program Goals

The program aims to achieve the department’s mission and future vision in graduating a highly qualified accountancy cadre that accommodates modern scientific progress, meets the needs of the labor market, and achieves community service through:
  1. Graduates acquire a wealth of knowledge in the areas of accounting, auditing and the business environment.
  2. Develop graduates’ mental abilities to analyze and choose different accounting methods, and provide graduates with professional and practical skills.
  3. Linking the theoretical and practical sides to qualify graduates for the labor market.
  4. Develop graduates’ skills to communicate, deal with information technology, solve problems and make decisions.

Career Opportunities

  • There are many job opportunities for accounting department graduates, including:
    1. Practicing the accounting and auditing profession independently or in the public and private sectors.
    2. Carrying out financial consultancy, feasibility studies and economic evaluation of projects.
    3. Work in various departments in financial institutions (banks – insurance – investment – stock exchanges).
    4. Supervising functions on accounting and auditing work.
    5. Opportunities available to work in various other activities such as stores, purchasing, sales, training, wages, pensions and statistics in all institutions.
جامعة العلوم والتكنولوجيا -