About the Program

The specialty of architecture is known as the art and science of engineering and construction, and it is a discipline that is practiced in everything related to buildings and architecture, and designed in an artistic style. Interior design, which includes: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical matters, fire protection, lighting, and other special features of the project




جامعة العلوم والتكنولوجيا -

The degree (certificate) awarded by the program

Bachelor of Architectural Engineering .

Program duration

four years .

Number of credit hours

147 credit hours .

    1. Providing a balanced and distinguished educational program that takes into account international standards and conditions, meets the needs of the labor market and is commensurate with the capabilities and capabilities of students applying to the department.
    2. Providing a highly qualified teaching staff with outstanding capabilities.
    3. Providing advanced infrastructure.

  • The program aims to provide the graduate with the dental technician’s knowledge necessary to meet the labor market’s needs of national health cadres specialized in dental technicians, enabling him to work in all dental technician jobs, especially the following:
    •   Hospitals (governmental and private).
    •   Medical care centers (governmental and private).
    •   Private dental laboratories.
    •   Work as a technician in university laboratories after graduating and qualifying them for university teaching
    •  He has the ability to manage and open Sunni laboratories that contribute to raising the level of service provided.
    • Work as a representative of laboratories processing companies.
    •  Work in administrative positions in hospitals and health centers.

جامعة العلوم والتكنولوجيا -

Career Opportunities

  • Website designer and engineer.
  • Executive Graphics Designer.
  • Architectural Notarized.
  • Designer Architect.
  • Design and coordination of cities and residential complexes.
  • 3D Perspective Designer.
  • Industrial design.
  • structural control.
  • Architectural technical management.
  • Architectural interior designer.
  • Architectural Journalism.
  • Architectural Research
جامعة العلوم والتكنولوجيا -