Faculty of Administrative Sciences


جامعة العلوم والتكنولوجيا -

Faculty of Administrative Sciences is a college of the university education and a source of knowledge at the University of Science and Technology. Since inception, it aims to produce and qualify capable human resources to meet the growing needs of various administrative disciplines domestically and regionally. 


Regional and local leadership in the administrative sciences


Faculty of Administrative Sciences strives to provide distinctive educational training and consulting services, contributing positively to the development of the society and meet the requirements of the local, regional, and international labor markets, through excellent academic and administrative abilities and motivating educational and research environment in accordance with the comprehensive quality systems.


  • Inculcating the culture of quality and accreditation for all staff of the university
  • Complete the special requirements of the internal and external academic and institutional accreditation.
  • Contributing to the development of education system at the university in accordance with the locally and internationally certified standards.
  • Continuous assessment of the performance in all respects and follows up the process of quality improvement.
  • Creating a comprehensive and complete database for the university.
  • Providing the decision makers with the documents and information to contribute to making appropriate decisions for continuous improvement.
  • Conducting research studies in relation to the quality assurance and accreditation.
  • Establishing a relationship with the local, regional, and international institutions, bodies, organizations on quality.
  • Improving the learning outcomes and support the competitive capacities.
  • Increasing the confidence of the local, regional, and international community in the outcomes of the university.
  • Contributing to achieve the continuing vocational growth for the faculty members and administrators at the university.

By doing so, the objectives of the quality at the college level are focused on the following:

  • Establish internal system for quality and academic accreditation in the college.
  • Create and develop reference standards for the performance in all programs.
  • Follow up the description of programs and study course structure in the college.
  • Inculcate the culture of quality and accreditation among teachers and students.
  • Focus on standards and quality of assessment in the college.
  • Work together with the college staff to uphold the performance level of the graduates.
  • Provide documents and guidebooks and quality manuals.

Departments and programs of the Faculty

1-    Department of Administrative Sciences

–      International Business Administration

–      Business Administration in Arabic

–      Business Administration in English

–      Marketing and production management

–      Master in Business Administration in collaboration with OUM University, Malaysia.

2-   Department of Accounting

–      Accounting in English

–      Accounting in Arabic

3-   Department of Financial and Banking Sciences

–      Financial and Banking Sciences

–      Islamic Finance