Program Overview

The Information Technology Program was established in 2012, with the aim of providing the local and regional community with well-educated qualified students by providing them with theoretical and practical knowledge in the various fields of information technology, especially in information technology management, programming, databases, web application development and software engineering in accordance with international standards. In addition to training them on the latest information technologies that meet the requirements of the local and foreign labor market.

Program vision

Local and regional leadership in preparing specialized competencies in the field of information technology.




    1. It is a rare and modern specialization, and there is an increasing demand in various governmental and private institutions for specialists in this field.
    2. A study plan prepared at the latest scientific and academic levels, keeping pace with continuous modernity.
    3. Study plans based on hours enable the student to graduate in three and a half or four years to complete a bachelor’s degree.
    4. A specialized academic staff in the college works to raise the level of education and improve its outcomes.
    5. Study in Arabic or in English in the Information Technology program.
    6. The department’s computer laboratories provide the highest specifications and the latest applied programs to be taught in many of the courses in this specialization.
    7. Availability of an extensive library containing a special section of modern books, references, and Arab and foreign periodicals in the field of information technology.
    8. Using modern and diverse teaching methods and methods that increase the student’s abilities to think, analyze and create in the field of information technology.
    9. Qualifying and preparing graduates who are able to engage in many technical management functions and develop them according to academic quality standards locally and globally. The program seeks to include many specialized courses that enrich the specialization.

  • Preparing and graduating students with the ability to use the latest information technology tools with high efficiency and professionalism with a high degree of creativity, cooperation and ethics.
  • Training students on teamwork, applied research, technical innovation, and support for continuous e-learning patterns.
  • Contribute to providing the local and regional labor market with its needs of specialized cadres in this important field and activating the department’s role as an integrated expertise house in the field of computers and information technology
  • Implementing studies and scientific research required by the labor market and participating in providing effective solutions to society’s problems with the aim of advancing the development wheel
  • Applying modern technical solutions appropriate to the needs of society and contributing to its advancement and development in order to catch up with the leading societies

Career Opportunities

  • IT implementation manager
  • IT Engineer
  • IT Consultant
  • Information systems developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Systems analyst and designer
  • Website manager and designer
  • Information Security Manager
  • IT Project Manager
  • Network designer and manager