Program Overview

The mechatronics engineering major is one of the most important disciplines required in all industrial institutions and units, as it is a major familiar with the three most important engineering disciplines within any industrial establishment: electronic engineering, computer engineering, and mechanical engineering.

Since the first year at the university, the mechatronics student studies various subjects, such as: programming, mathematics, physics, computer science, electrical circuits, electronics devices, and mechanical systems. Therefore, the student’s choice of a mechatronics engineering major opens up many doors and job opportunities for him in the future, through which he can achieve a distinguished career and a high-level social life. Mechatronics engineering is one of the modern engineering disciplines, which is witnessing rapid development at home and abroad.




    1. The program combines four different specializations (computer engineering, control engineering, mechanical engineering, and electronic engineering), which results in a mechatronics engineer capable of developing the industry in terms of design and manufacturing in line with the needs of the local and global market.
    2. There is a qualified and branched teaching and technical staff in the program.
    3. The presence of specialized laboratories and laboratories that are integrated, modern and advanced quality, that contain all the devices, machines and equipment that establish a promising professional future.
    4. Students are taught according to modern study plans, which are in line with those of regional universities.

  • Provide students with the basics of science and engineering related to the mechatronics program.
  • Providing students with basic and advanced practical skills related to the labor market.
  • Students possess effective research tools and follow the latest technologies and equipment that enable them to continue their postgraduate studies in mechatronics engineering or related fields.
  • Providing the labor market with engineers with flexible engineering skills required by mechatronics engineering, and related fields.
  •  Enable students to communicate and act effectively ethically and professionally in the tasks assigned to them individually or in a team

Career Opportunities

  • Manufacture of tools, machines and robots in specialized factories.
  • Computer application design.
  • Intelligent machine design.
  • Computer-Controlled Machine Manufacturing.
  • Manufacture of components and equipment used in consumer goods, home appliances and electronics.
  • In the management and control sections of manufacturing systems.
  • in automobile manufacturing.
  • In the departments of quality and production.
  • Work in the maintenance and development of various machines and machines.
  • Innovating modern electronics and developing control systems.
  • Develop solutions to industrial problems using mechanical and electronic processes and computer technology.