Program Objectives

  1. The Translation Program aims at:

    1. Providing the market with qualified translators and interpreters in several walks of life.
    2. Enhancing the role of translation theory in the academic institutions through theoretical research, seminars, and workshops to contribute to the benefits of the community.
    3. Developing student’s cognitive and practical skills through their needs in terms of enriching their vocabulary and terminology as well as training them, and their academic research.
    4. Presenting a community service through a translation center, which can serve the society in qualifying translation practitioners as well as doing translation and interpreting for the average citizen, organizations, and public institutions.




جامعة العلوم والتكنولوجيا -

Program Features

  1. Using the modern technology in teaching.

    Limited numbers of students in the classrooms.

    Providing an appropriate environment for learning.

Job Opportunities

  1. Translator of political texts.
  2. Translator of economic and commercial texts.
  3. Translator of literary and social texts.
  4. Translator of legal texts.
  5. Translator of scientific and technical texts.
  6. Translator of linguistic and philosophical texts.
  7. Interpreter for some of the previous genres.
  8. Proof reader for previous genres.