Program Overview

The Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery Program was established in 1994, and it is considered one of the first programs at the University of Science and Technology, where the first class graduated in 1999, and the first three batches graduating from the Faculty of Dentistry at the university are considered the first at the level of public and private universities in Yemen.

The courses included in the program are prepared and applied according to the quality system adopted by the university in accordance with international quality systems. The main objective of the program is to graduate a cadre capable of providing therapeutic and research services in the community, with the knowledge and skills it has acquired, as well as theoretical and practical experiences.




جامعة العلوم والتكنولوجيا -

Achieving leadership in dentistry to graduate qualified doctors at the regional and global levels.

    1. Providing a high level of education and training that ensures the qualification of dentists with high standards of competence.
    2. Developing curricula and curricula to ensure the student’s involvement in the process of self-education and the development of continuing education to meet quality and accreditation standards.
    3. Providing oral and dental health services to community members through dental clinics.
    4. Developing the skills of faculty members to keep pace with developments in teaching and learning methods and methods.
    5. Continuous updating of the infrastructure in order to provide the appropriate environment for the educational process
    6. Paying attention to the field of scientific research, motivating faculty members to conduct and publish scientific research, and organizing scientific conferences and symposia
    7. Working on activating partnerships and developing relations with dental colleges and scientific research institutions locally, regionally and internationally.
    8. Communicate with graduates and link them to the department in order to develop their professional and research expertise.

  • The Department of Dentistry at the University of Science and Technology seeks to be one of the most prestigious departments at the local, regional and global levels, and works to achieve this by raising the level of performance in the academic and administrative aspects by providing appropriate environments such as education, training, implementation of qualitative applied research and providing high-end treatment services to the community. The department also seeks to graduate distinguished physicians who are able to apply what they have learned from the skills and experiences they have acquired with high efficiency.

جامعة العلوم والتكنولوجيا -

Course Plan

The program plan includes 196 credit hours spread over 10 semesters, between university requirements, college requirements, compulsory specialization requirements, and optional ones. The duration of study in this program is five years, after which the student obtains a bachelor’s degree in oral and dental medicine and surgery as an accredited certificate at the local, regional and international levels.

Comparison Test Materials:

(Biology – Chemistry – English).

جامعة العلوم والتكنولوجيا -

Course Features

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The Clinics Department includes 52 modern units, in addition to the devices and tools necessary to provide high-quality treatment and preventive services to patients, under the supervision of a qualified staff to ensure a safe and smooth educational and supervisory process.

The focused sterilization unit in the dental department is equipped so that the sterilization process is carried out according to international sterilization specifications, in order to facilitate this process, make it safer, and reduce the time it takes. The center sterilization unit applies the highest standards of safety and quality in sterilization by using the latest technologies. There is a central sterilization unit in addition to secondary sterilization units.

The radiology unit provides various types of diagnostic radiography services to patients of the dental department and outpatient clinics, which include three units of conventional oral x-rays, and two-dimensional digital panoramic rays.

The Department of Dentistry at the University of Science and Technology includes a group of laboratories, including the Phantom Lab, in which second and third stage students are trained on practical lessons for dental treatment, which includes the fillings curriculum as well as the crowns and bridges curriculum, which are prosthetic treatments for missing teeth or A tooth that loses some of its parts by damage. The department continues its development plan by creating the appropriate environment for the educational process and equipping laboratories and clinics with the latest equipment.

Career Opportunities

  • The program aims to provide the graduate with the dental knowledge necessary to meet the labor market’s needs of national health cadres specialized in dentistry, in a way that enables him to work in all dental functions, especially the following:
    • Hospitals (governmental and private).
    • Medical care centers (governmental and private).
    • Private dental clinics.
    • Medical industries related to dentistry, and work as delegates or scientific supervisors in dental materials and devices companies.
    • Dental research and development.
    • Supervisory positions in government departments and medical supplies at the Ministry of Health, government hospitals and clinics, and other government health facilities.
    • Membership of the teaching staff in colleges and universities.
    • Supervisory positions in private medical institutions, and other medical professions related to dentistry.